The Utah chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians is committed to promoting the interests of every emergency physician in Utah through statewide advocacy and education. Utah ACEP is the local chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). We actively represent more than 290 emergency physicians, residents and medical students in Utah.

Utah ACEP is a diverse and democratic organization that promotes and preserves the integrity and independence of emergency medicine. We are actively involved in a wide range of issues that matter to emergency physicians and our patients, including emergency medical services, public health and safety, and disaster preparedness and response.

As a member of Utah ACEP, you are making sure your voice is heard by state lawmakers. You are also learning about issues that affect you and your patients and you are contributing to the advancement of your specialty.

Legislative Initiatives
We work closely with the Utah Medical Association (UMA) in our legislative process. UMA has been a strong ally and invaluable resource for promoting and protecting the practice of emergency medicine in Utah. Over the last several years we have successfully won tort reform victories.

Our focus now is on maintaining those reforms and dealing with issues as they arise with our local elected officials. One of our most pressing issues is the scope and damage caused by the ongoing nationwide narcotic abuse problem.