About the Utah Chapter of ACEP

Utah ACEP is the local chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). We actively represent more than 290 emergency physicians, residents and medical students in Utah.

We are continually responding to the needs of our members. We also advocate on behalf of our members with lawmakers and regulatory agencies. Because many of our hospitals are in a rural setting, workforce issues are extremely important for emergency physicians in Utah. 

Utah ACEP is committed to keeping all physicians who practice emergency medicine involved with ongoing education and practice resources. Utah ACEP strongly encourages involvement and input from the membership at large, as well as emergency physicians who want to ensure that their voice is heard. Our mission is promoting and protecting the interests of Utah’s emergency physicians.

Utah ACEP Chapter Officers 
President: David Brent Mabey, MD
Secretary/Treasurer: Alison L Smith, MD, MPH
Past President: John Dayton, MD, FACEP

Utah ACEP Board of Directors
James Antinori, MD, FACEP
Matthew B. Broadwater-Hollifield, MD
Bennion Buchanan, MD, FACEP
Ann E Burelbach, MD
Brady B Cox, MD
Geoffrey M Crockett, MD, FACEP
Stephen C. Hartsell, MD, FACEP
Daniel Humphreys, MD
Jess H. Jewett, MD, FACEP
Kathleen M. Lawliss, MD, FACEP
Susan Kendrick Stroud, MD
Mike Tremea, MD, FACEP
Henry T Yeates, DO

Executive Secretary: Paige De Mille